Delivering powerful software solutions in record time

At Devware, we partner with your business to understand the true problem, then design a technical solution using our extensible, low-code platform to deliver superior results in a fraction of the time and cost.

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Reduce Cost
  • Less code equals less time to build, reducing initial development costs
  • Easy to maintain going forward using junior developers
  • Empower business analysts and power users to make changes
Reduce Risk
  • Over 50% of software projects fail for a variety of reasons
  • By reducing the amount of code written, we dramatically decrease risk
  • Rapid prototyping and feedback loops keep you in the know
Reduce Timelines
  • Build full featured applications in days & weeks, not months
  • We can reduce development timelines by up to 70%
  • We start with a fully-functional application and focus on solving your business problems
About Devware

Changing the way technology teams create software.

Devware is changing how we approach building software by focusing on the business problem first. Instead of building from scratch, we start with a fully functional and secure web application, then quickly build just what you need using our extensible, low-code platform.

What can we build for you today?

Why choose Devware

Low Code, Full Service

Devware partners with your team from conception to completion to help build applications that provide instant business value. Don't have available developers, no problem, we can provide a complete outsourced development team to complete your solution by the experts that know it best!

Start with a
solid foundation
  • Start with a fully-functional application and extend
  • Rich security including single-sign on plus row and field level security
  • Powerful Data API allows easy access to your data
licensing costs
  • Per application and enterprise licensing eliminates per user costs
  • Allow internal and external users to access your applications
Low-code with
the power of full-code
  • No limits on what can be built
  • Use real code (Angular/C#) for customizations, no scripting languages, plus debugging
Process implementation
and management
  • Problem evaluation and definition
  • Process creation and management from project inception to completion

Check out some of the features of our platform!

In today’s world, security is paramount to all software applications and the Devware CAP provides a secure and feature rich base to build your application. 

Features include Single Sign On, Multi-factor authentication, table & row level security just to list a few!

Full Featured Security

APIs are the cornerstone of modern applications and the Devware CAP provides a powerful, yet easy to use api to access data and build any type of application.   Easily integrate your application data with other applications across your enterprise.

Powerful Rest API

Access your data using powerful features including custom queries with joins & filters, hierarchical data-sets, and automatic lookups for drop-downs.

Rich Data Access

Start with a fully functional application including login and registration, navigation, user profile and full administration to all aspects of the Devware CAP

Web Application Core

Build your user interface using a rich set of data aware building blocks.  Build rich grids, lists and complex forms by just configuring these building blocks.  Some of these include wizards, file and multi-file controls, tabs, multi-select lists

UI Building Blocks

Build your business logic using easy expression builders that understand your data and allow you to easily create and maintain complex business rules.

Business Logic

Keep everyone in the know with powerful notifications.  Template emails combine your content and data, then are triggered on a number of configurable events including creation, field changes, or even a lack of activity to act as a reminder.


Easily create periodic or on-demand processes that run daily, weekly or every few minutes.  These can be used to migrate data, integrate with other systems or any number of use cases.


Need to do something special, no problem! Nearly every aspect of the platform can be extended to create truly unique, one of a kind applications.  Plus, you make customizations with real code - meaning no script language - with full intellisense to work with your data!

Fully Extensible

Department workflow applications

Start up MVPs

Rebuild legacy applications

Customer portals

Use cases

Infinite possibilities

There are an infinite list of applications that can be built using the Devware CAP!

By leveraging low-code with the power of full code, there is no limit on what we can build. These are just a few of the use cases we can quickly tackle!

Use cases

Customer portals

Build engaging applications to automate your business

A Problem Well Stated
is Half Solved”

Devware works directly with your team to ensure what we’re building solves a well-defined business problem. Once defined, we help your team implement the architecture and processes to ensure a successful launch. By utilizing the Devware CAP, our low-code solution, we lower the risk, development costs and the timelines of your custom solution. 

Reduce Risk
Reduce Risk
Reduce Risk
Reduce Risk
Reduce Risk
Reduce Risk

Just a few of our happy clients

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